Key figures

1685: Louis XIV decided on the plan of Place Vendome to make it Paris’s fourth square and put Jules Hardouin-Mansart in charge of the project.

22: Number of years it took to build Place Vendome between 1698 and 1720.

20 000 m²: Area of Place Vendome.

1801: Creation of rue de Castiglione.

155m: Length of rue de Castiglione.

1806: Opening of rue de la Paix.

230m: Length of rue de la Paix.

1810: The Vendome column (with bronze from 250 Russian and Austrian cannons) is erected by Napoléon.

44.3m: Height of the Vendome column.

3.6m: Diameter of the Vendome column.

12: The number of Frédéric Chopin’s last address in place Vendome.

1897: Opening of the Ritz Hotel.

26: The number of the Countess de Castiglione’s residence, called “La Castiglione”, place Vendome.

22.5m: Width of rue de la Paix and Rue de Castiglione.

1936: Foundation of the association “Place Vendome, ses atours and ses alentours” dedicated to promoting and spreading the fame of the Vendome quarter.

54: The number of lampposts lighting place Vendome.

14 April 1971: “Place Vendome, ses atours and ses alentours” becomes the Vendome Committee.

1992: Road works to reorient traffic in place Vendome.

96: The number of Rue Saint Honoré where Molière was born.

6: The number of Henri Salvador’s last residence in place Vendome.

21: The number of the first boutique opened by Mademoiselle Chanel in Rue Cambon.

1930: Elsa Schiaparelli, creator of Shocking Pink, moves into rue de la Paix.

1942: Madame Grès, creator of the famous Grès pleat, and her Maison move into rue de la Paix ;

1: The number of the address of Maison Grès from 1942 to 1988 in rue de la Paix.

2,450: The number of luminous snowflakes installed in place Vendome as part of the Enchanted Forest for the Christmas festivities.

110: The number of members of the Vendome Committee in 2013.


  • Friday 22th November

    For Christmas, the Place Vendôme unveals its sparkling christmas trees

    BOUTIQUE Place Vendôme | Place Vendôme

  • Friday 01st March

    Vendôme Luxury presentation

  • Tuesday 26th February

    Paris Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week

  • Thursday 13th December

    Fashioning Fashion

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