The historic heart of Paris

“This is where France entertains, where France works, here she is true to herself, affirming her unity and her permanence through her long history.” Paul Claudel talking about place Vendome in the Ritz salons in 1950.


Place Vendome, Rue de la Paix, Rue de Castiglione, Rue Saint-Honoré and the surroundings as far as Rue de Rivoli, Rue Cambon, the Opera, Rue Saint-Roch: a quarter whose prestige dates back to King Louis XIV’s resolve to turn it into one of the emblems of the splendour of his reign.

There is a Place Vendome style …

Now after more than three centuries, the façades built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart from 1699 are one of the theatres where the history of Paris and France was written.

On the suggestion of Louvois, King Louis XIV’s minister of finances, Place Vendome, along with Place des Vosges, Place Dauphine and Place des Victoires, is one of Paris’s royal squares. From 1699 to 1792, a 7-meter high equestrian statue of Louis XIV occupied the position of the column. This was demolished during the Revolution.

During that time the square was developed by John Law who enabled its subdivision and brought in the big financiers.

Following the victory of Austerlitz in 1805, Napoleon ordered the erection of the Vendome column with the bronze of cannons captured from the enemy. The column, surmounted with a statue of the Empereur, was inaugurated in 1810.

This period also corresponds to the cutting of Rue de la Paix and Rue de Castiglione in 1806.

The 1871 debacle ushered in the third Republic. The Vendome column, as an imperial symbol, was demolished with the involvement of the painter Courbet who would later be condemned to putting it back up at his own expense.


During the Belle Époque, wealthy families moved into Place Vendome.

With the opening of the Ritz hotel, the jewellers moved out of Palais-Royal, to Place Vendome.

In the construction and authorisation of the finished square, politics, architecture and real estate speculation got mixed up. With fine jewellery, fashion, glassware and goldsmiths, perfumery, art galleries, the palaces and great hotels, this quarter offered a unique concentration of innovation, creation and skills. In its boutiques and workshops, craft traditions were carried on. The Vendome quarter revolves around luxury and the art of living. Historically it is also the favoured spot for high finance and service companies such as banks, law firms and legal advisors and property companies etc. While it was true that the Vendome quarter housed the power, money and craftsmanship, it was with the “added ingredient of soul” provided by creativity, talent and the feeling for authentic luxury.


The Vendome Committee was born in 1936 with the resolve unite these values and promote the quarter’s reputation in France and in the world. Messieurs Boucheron, Goyard and Ritz founded the association “Place Vendome, ses atours and ses alentours” which was renamed Vendome Committee (Comité Vendôme) in 1971.


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