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MisterChrono is a French company that has been founded six years ago in Paris by 3 partners and friends. The concept is to market manufactured and high-end quality products relating to watchmaking and luxury watches to a wide range of people.

MisterChrono mainly promotes goods issuing from small and middle companies. Our leitmotiv, our belief is : « offering beautiful and special things for everyone » ! That’s why we work with manufactures and workshops all around the world in order to propose every day, very specific and sometime, unique goods and products.

MisterChrono is actually working with several companies from different countries in the world, especially with handcrafted manufactures, for example with Buben&Zörweg and Doëttling. Both are German companies specialized in high-end safes and watch winders. Most of them are fully hand-made.

Furthermore, MisterChrono is well-known in Paris, and on the French market for watch boxes. For instance, we promote and sell Jurali, a Hong Kong based company producing amazing watch and cigars boxes. The top is lacquered and decorated with handmade painted.

MisterChrono is one of the leader in Paris in handcrafted watch straps and made-to- measure straps. Actually we are working with Camille Fournet a French watchstraps manufacture, also with Gunny strap, a Indonesian watch straps handcrafter and Hirsch, an Austrian manufacture. But basically, our aim is to promote handmade and made to order products in order to help small companies to sell their goods.


23 Rue Danielle Casanova 75001 Paris France - Phone : 09 53 42 04 64
Open Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 7.30pm