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INTERVIEW - Pierre Rigothier

Since 2012, Le Baudelaire, the Burgundy's restaurant has a new Chef, the young and talented Pierre Rigothier.

Can you present your work ?

I was born in Bordeaux. Before being in the Baudelaire’s kitchen, i worked in a lot of famous restaurants such as Hélène Darroze, Les Elysées (Hôtel Vernet’s restaurant), Laurent, et L’Espadon.

I also worked in England during five years, there I discovered and created my own style of gastronomy.

The most important thing for me is to cook with fresh products that’s why our menu is short and simple, we remake it each season to satisfy all of our customers.

2013 is Marcel Proust's year in France, indeed,

Your favorite virtue  :  justice


For you, what is the most important quality for a man : Honesty


For you, what is the most important quality for a woman : It’s the same for men and women, honesty


What do you appreciate about your friends  : Their Fidelity


Your principal defect :  Impulsivity


Your favorite hobby : Play tennis. That’s the only thing i can do when i’m not cooking. 


Your dream of happiness :  To live in a beach house close to Cap Ferret to spend time in family enjoying the sun and the sea


What would be your worst nightmare ?  To lose my children


What you would like to be : F1 driver


The place where you would like to live :  France. I spend a lot of years in other places. It opened my mind about the beauty and the culture of my country. I’m not here thanks by chance. Came back in France was a real vow 


Your favorite color : White for its purity

A flower that you like :  I like orchids, especially when i succeed in blooming them again !


The bird that you prefer :  capon, roasted…


Your favorite authors : I like the english writers  in general and police novel particularly


Your favorite poet :  Baudelaire of course !


Your favorite compositor : Erik Satie


Your favorite painter :  Poliakoff


Your heroe in real life :  My wife !


Your favorite names : Antoine and Gaspard, my children’s names


What do you hate most : lack of respect


Historical people that you despise the most : Tyrants


The military fact that you admire the most : the D-Day in Normandy


A gift from Nature that you’d like to have :  I’d like to sing well


How do you want to die : Happy


How are you in your mind now : festive


What can you forgive easily :  youth mistakes


Your currency : You can always make better


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