Pierre Marcolini roams the world looking for rare cocoa beans which are processed in his workshop to make the most delicate and harmonious couverture chocolates… La Haute Chocolaterie !

Pierre Marcolini has excelled in “haute chocolaterie” since 1994. He masters every stage in crafting his little jewels, from harvesting the beans to adding the final touches in his workshop. Reputed to be one of the very few chocolatiers in Europe to make his own couverture chocolate, he is an alchemist of taste who makes it a point of honour to mingle flavours and beans from different provenances. Established in the Vendôme district since 2009, Pierre Marcolini crafts delectable gems to delight the palate. Marcolini chocolates are a promise of exoticism, a delicate taste of travel weighing scarcely 6 grams.

3, rue Scribe 75009 PARIS
01 44 71 03 74