Louis-Ulysse Chopard would doubtless be delighted to see how his company has developed. Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2010, the firm is still pervaded by the spirit instilled in it by its founder and nurtured by a blend of fine hand craftsmanship and daring technical developments.

Real embassy of the brand, the shop of 1, place Vendôme of a surface of 250 m2 on two levels proposes watches, high jewelry, accessories, scarfs and silk ties, perfumes and glasses, all the products of the famous brand, with exclusive models and limited editions. This Chopard shop opened its doors in February, 2003 and it possesses a spirit, architecture, interior design connected to the atmosphere of the famous place. It was important for the international jeweler to be present on this world-famous place for the quality and the beauty of the products which it advances. The shop is an integral part of the brand image of the company. Facades in sculptured mahogany,  the larges glasses of the shop windows, are real invitations to penetrate into the world of Chopard. Inside, wood, draped tissues dress the walls of a serene luxury whereas parquets, represent motives very elaborated in walnut, cherry tree and sycamore.

1, place Vendôme 75001 PARIS
01 55 35 20 10

Ouverture du Lundi au Samedi
De 11h00 à 17h00