From St Petersburg to Paris, Korloff’s saga is intimately linked to the history of its black diamond. This 200 carats gemstone, recut as a 88 carat stone belonged for many years to the noble Korloff-Sapojnikoff family. The ebony talisman travelled throughout Europe at the start of the upheavals of the Russian Revolution before being exposed in Antwerp’s diamond district. And then the year 1978 became a turning point in the diamond dealer Daniel Pallaisseur’s life.

The Antwerpian stonecutter Krochmal & Lieber introduce him to the diamond’s story…. One of luck, happiness et prosperity to whoever touches it. Fascinated by this tale and captivated by its mystery, Daniel Paillasseur buys it and names it the « Korloff Noir ». From then, he establishes the Korloff Maison, a high-end jeweller in honour of the Saint Petersburg family. The story of the firm weaves itself around the legend of the black diamond.

As a true couturier of diamonds, Korloff develops two exclusive diamond cuts in partnership with his Antwerp partner. This is the result of 10 years of research and is a highly regarded innovation from the most prestigious laboratories in the same vein as the cuts Princess, Pear, Marquise or Round. The K73 and K88 cuts thus confer to the diamond an exceptional shine, intensified by diffusion of light through the multiplicity of the facets.

In 1993, the high-end jeweller settles in 12 rue de la Paix, the emblematic Parisian jeweller’s quarter. In 2008, he extends his sale’s surface, enabling him to present his entire concept and branch out throughout various lines : jewellery, watchmaking, luxury accessories, and perfume. There is also a space specifically dedicated to his Korloff cut diamonds (K73-K88).
During the following years, Korloff’s international dream becomes reality with the conquest of the Russian, Oriental and Middle East markets. Korloff is therefore present in about 60 countries with an exclusive network of boutiques and shop in shop corners.

Bassam Azakir is now the CEO and associate of Korloff since 1999. 75% of the assets are owned by the Mirabaud Group, run by the former minister M. Renaud Dutreil. It is an opportunity for renewal for Korloff with the launch of exclusive jewellery and watchmaking lines. These creations are icons of elegance and femininity, fuelled by modern inspirations with hints of a Russian twist, whilst giving homage to an exceptional know-how of jewellery craftsmanship.

20 rue de la Paix 75002 Paris