Starting in 1827, the House of Mauboussin has expressed its personality through color combinations and contrast of textures with an exceptional capacity for renewal : bold, creative and accessible, the Artist Jeweler’s creations follow the symbolism of shapes and colors.

The House of Mauboussin has been on place Vendôme since 1955 in the heart of the city showcasing the jewelry on the streets just like the women who sublimate it. Creating a jewel case from bricks, wood, leather, satin, granite,  and especially out of light and emotion, so the woman can feel  when she’s at Mauboussin, as though she was in a boudoir. Located in the heart of a New York loft with Persian-inspired themes ; the place Vendôme Mauboussin boutique is a sweet-cake not only of spices and honey, but also a hint of hot spices without which life would not be worth living.  When you go to Mauboussin at 15 rue de la Paix, you will have the chance to taste this delicious cocktail,  as its emotions are in tune with the spirit of the times.

15, rue de la Paix 75002 Paris
01 44 55 10 10