Since its creation in 1975, the House of Poiray has had one thing in mind: precious jewelry must be elegant, creative, wearable for any occasion and adaptable to any mood. The Poiray universe has continued to expand in this direction, developing jewelry and watch collections centered around these values.

Between tradition and modernity, Maison Poiray expresses its vision of uninhibited luxury through timeless classics such as the Cœur Entrelacé, Tresse, Dune, Ma Préférence and Ma Première collections…

Established almost 50 years ago in the heart of Place Vendôme, Poiray reinvents its creative and luxurious codes.

The House of Poiray accompanies the daily life of the contemporary woman, who lives a thousand days in one. Immediately recognizable, immediately desirable, Poiray’s jewelry and watch collections are for women of all generations.

17, rue de la Paix 75002 Paris
+33 1 40 41 94 91

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