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The Flying Dragon, a monumental work by Alexander Calder, takes over the place vendôme

Alexander Calder was born in 1898 in, Lawnton, Pennsylvania, and died in 1976 in New York. He was one of the most prolific and innovative sculptors of the twentieth century. Calder —whose oeuvre encompasses sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, and jewelry, among other media—developed a masterful visual vocabulary that addresses the interplay of nature and abstraction, stillness and motion, monumentality and…

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Flagging of the Vendôme column

On April 25, the last Sunday of the month, the Vendôme column will be decorated with tricolor flags for the national day of remembrance of the victims and heroes of the Deportation.It will be again on May 8, 9 and 10 to commemorate the victory of May 8, 1945, and the abolition of slavery in metropolitan France (May 10), as well as to celebrate Europe Day (May 9).

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Practical information for our visitors

As restrictions on business openings change with the health situation, please do not rely on the hours posted on the Members pages. These correspond to the opening hours outside the Covid crisis. We invite you to contact directly the houses for a better information on their functioning modalities (e-commerce, click & collect, ... ) set up to compensate the administrative…

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