Some people’s destinies are sprinkled with stars, but it was diamonds, pearls and multi-coloured stones that studded the destiny of Fred Samuel. He conceived a passion for cultured pearls. He worked with the finest specimens, particularly those of a creamy-pink shade now known as ‘FRED-coloured’.

This passion was joined by a quest for the sunlight, which shaped his work. To this source of endless inspiration he added his love of the sea, whose power and splendour gave rise to several celebrated chapters in the Maison’s history.

Today, Maison FRED honours its founder’s unquestioning love of sunlight and colour with its sun-infused creations, demonstrating its mastery of personalisation and the sheer versatility of its collections.

14 rue de la Paix, 75002, Paris
01 42 86 60 60

Ouverture du Lundi au Samedi
De 11h00 à 19h00